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Office Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8-5  Closed for lunch 12-1

Friday: 8-4  Open through lunch

Brad Erickson, Dr. Erickson Idaho Falls & Shelley Idaho Family Doctor Come see why Dr. Brad Erikson's Family Practice is the #1 Patients' Choice Family Doctor in Idaho Falls. Healthcare is coordinated, compassionate, and comprehensive for the entire family. Family medicine is at its best at Dr. Erikson's Family Practice.  We are a family practice with three providers.  Being the best Family Practice requires compassion, commitment and personality.

Research suggests that your family doctor can help to keep you out of the emergency room and operating room.  A 20-year study proves that regular visits to your family doctor (primary care) improves "health outcomes, including all-cause, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and infant mortality; low birth weight; life expectancy; and self-rated health."  People are less likely to be hospitalized and death rates are lower for heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

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Advanced Providers in Our Office

Our family medicine office has three nurse practitioners (NP's) practicing with Dr. Erikson. NP's are registered nurses who complete a master's degree.

Americans make over 1.06 billion visits to NPs annually.  These providers are a trusted part of Dr. Erikson's health care team.

You deserve the best healthcare Idaho Falls has to offer.  We are committed to providing that for you and your family.  You will be treated with compassion and respect from our practice.  Family Medicine involves many hours of behind-the-scenes coordination of labs, x-rays and test results, coordination with specialists, and communication with facilities throughout region.  Dr. Erikson's Family Practice will take care of the needs of you and your loved ones, with a smile on their face.

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